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Who are supposed to use Gras Savoye Willis's services?

Our services are not only reserved to large foreign-owned , medium-sized and small-sized companies but we take care also private Vietnamese companies, Individuals, Self-Employed, foreign public organization, etc.

What is the consulting role of Gras Savoye Willis Vietnam?

This is the most strategic aspect of our work and represents our major added value.

At Gras Savoye Willis Vietnam, advice on insurance and risks management is based on careful analysis and attention to our client's requirements.

Our expertise in many industries in Vietnam allows us to create customized solutions unique to a client's business.

Our insurance products and solutions in Vietnam market combined with global skills enables us to provide unrivalled services to our clients.

When was Grass Savoye established?

Gras Savoye was established in France in 1907. And as of January, 08, 2007, we are 100 years old.
100 years of experience in insurance brokerage.

Gras Savoye is not only the leading insurance broker in France but one of the best in Vietnam since 1993.

Since 1997 we formed the partnership with Willis Group and our alliance has given birth to one of the most powerful brokering networks worldwide.

Gras Savoye Willis are present in over 100 countries with more than 320 offices.

What are the insurance broker's works?

We create a perfectly transparent relationship with the client and provide them with decisive support in case of claim.

We advise our clients on insurance and risk management based on careful analysis and understanding of clients' requirements.

We negociate with the insurers to find the best terms, conditions and premiums based on our experience acquired in the world and in Vietnam.