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Gras Savoye is since 1992 the leading insurance broker in France
Gras Savoye is unique in acting both as a general insurance broker and a multi-disciplinary insurance broker approaching its clients in a global way by handling all aspects of insurance brokerage, and offering to the clientele the same level of quality, experience and expertise
Gras Savoye adapted its structures to meet its clients' needs so that it can be ready to cover every type of insurance: Industrial Risks, Public Liability, Construction, Transportation, Motor Fleet, Financial and Political Risks, Credit Contingency Insurance (cinema, exhibitions, museums, and events), Employees Benefits. We always find a solution, whatever the size of the clients, large, small or medium-size companies, banks and financial institutions, local government authorities, self-employed, health sector, proprietors and collectors, individuals etc...
To be convenience for clients, Gras Savoye has always favored its geographical spread at local level. With over thirty offices in metropolitan France and in French overseas territories, Gras Savoye is the leading broking insurance regional network. With the partnership with Willis Group, Gras Savoye Willis today possesses one of the most powerful broking networks worldwide, present in more than 100 countries.

Legal Structure

The Gras Savoye Group is organized around the holding company, Gras Savoye & Cie that owns 100% of Gras Savoye SA with the employees, and 100% of Sageris and Gras Savoye Ré

Sageris: Company specialized in loss control and risk engineering
Gras Savoye SA: insurance broking company offices and subsidiaries in France and abroad
Gras Savoye Ré: Reinsurance broking company

Key figures

Gras Savoye: 3,100 employees
Willis: 14,500 employees
7,000 companies insured
3,700 local authorities and public services
150 banks and financial institutions
200,000 individuals
550,000 beneficiaries of employee benefits
10 million customers (credit insurance, mobile phone insurance, credit card insurance..)