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What make Gras Savoye Groupís added values?

Having nearly 100 years of existence, Gras Savoye is a group composed of multiple talents, exercising different professions, having multiple specialties. All these people gather around the principle of the GROUPíS VALUES:

Always pay attention to a high quality of listening and analysis
Always searching for the competitiveness of offer and price
Warrantee an extreme reliability
Warrantee the independence and transparency
Bring services to all locations around the world
Prove the innovative and reactivity of the team and the product
Valorize the after sales service

What make Gras Savoye Willis Vietnamís added values?

Every insurance intermediary and risk adviser wants to help their clients to succeed. What sets Gras Savoye Willis Vietnam apart is our approach and constant effort of innovation

A unique approach and philosophy
Our client commitment: our focus is listening to, learning from you, and taking time to develop a deep understanding of your business. We believe that it is only by working as your close partner that we can create partnership to last

Industry specialization and knowledge
Because we make it our business to be experts in the risks facing your particular sector, you will have access to a team of highly knowledgeable professionals with an impressive level of technical understanding

Transparency and financial security
Our Company obeys to a very strict professional ethics and pays much attention to avoid any dereliction of our duty to advise you thoroughly. Our liability is backed by professional liability insurance, as requested by Law

Professionalism and Transparency
Gras Savoye Willis Vietnam has a specific technical approach for each market, in order to gain time and effectiveness
Gras Savoye Willis Vietnam presents the risks in a reliable and complete way
Gras Savoye Willis Vietnam is proactive in the management of contractual documents

Quality of Risks Follow-up
Gras Savoye Willis Vietnam follows actively the evolution of risks of its clients and informs the insurers on the changes
Gras Savoye Willis Vietnam facilitates the negotiation and modification or renewals of the contracts